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New Patients

At Kids-Smile Children’s Dentistry, we recommend that a child first visit the pediatric dentist by age one or when the first four teeth grow in, but no later than two years old.

Convenient Appointments

Kids-Smile Children’s Dentistry makes every effort to accommodate each patient’s schedule. When a time is reserved for your child in our office, we strive to honor that time by being on time.  In order to help us continue to schedule efficiently, 24 hour notice is required to cancel an appointment to avoid a missed appointment fee.

Parent Guidelines

You may choose whether or not you accompany your child into the treatment room.  We are open to having you with your child. If you choose to be present, we suggest the following guidelines to improve the chances of a positive outcome:

  1. Allow us to prepare your child for the treatment procedure.
  2. Be supportive of our dental team and terminology we use. We are here to relieve your child’s anxiety.
  3. Most importantly, please be a positive role model for your child by encouraging a great experience.

It is our goal to make your child’s visit a happy one, to encourage and to promote excellent oral health. These are very important ways that you can actively help in the success of your child’s visit. We are confident that these guidelines will help prepare you for the upcoming appointment.

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